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Completely random map?

David Pyke
  • David Pyke

    David Pyke - 2007-07-24

    One of the variations My friends and I use is a completely random map with the sea hexes shuffled in with the rest of the deck.  The whole thing is dealt out in the traditional hex shape and the numbers are placed randomly.

    Ports are rotated clockwise until both connections are touching land.  we also moved numbers to prevent 6's and 8's from being side by side.

    Is this possible using the map editor?  I haven't figured out how to make it randomly select any type.

    If not, can it be added to some future version?

    • Roland Clobus

      Roland Clobus - 2007-07-24

      Take a look at the page with contributed software ( You'll find two programs. One generates a random map from scratch, and another can randomize existing maps.

      You can then either copy the resulting *.game files to /usr/share/games/pioneers where the other games are, or you can start pioneers-server-console with the --file commandline option.

      In some future version this will be integrated in the server.


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