Bug; Suggestions (v0.12.3 on Ubuntu)

  • fredric

    fredric - 2011-01-20

    1.)  I can't see my own chat in Server-Window. If Server-Window only shows status-news (german panel-title says "Nachrichten" but "Chat aktvieren"), there should be a addition chat-Panel.
    2.) A public connetion to own game failed ("connection refused"), connection to 'private game' is ok. If back-connection to on public IP don't run, there should a check for this situation:  It's probably easy to check if servergame is local (intern ID Number) and then connect local automatically (with message "public connection refused. connected localhost").

    There are probably much fake Server-Games (forgotten uncheck register-Button)
    1.) Server-Windows shows mode: 'registered' / 'not registered'
    2.)  Server-Games-Windows should show not only number of players but addional number of human players.
    3.) It should show Games-status: 'playing', 'initiating/waiting'
    4.) Server-Windows plays sound if new Client connected - so Server-Player can wait afk. OR
    5.) Clients can regist to a waiting-List on Server.
    5.b) In Window for registered Servers is a Panel to show waiting Clients.
    6.) Clients can replace bots in running game.

  • fredric

    fredric - 2011-01-20

    7.) Client: Chat-Panel can be move behind Player-status-Panel or map (tabbed).
    7.b) addition short Player-status-Panel (only points)
    8.) no need for End-Button after building first settlement+street.
    9.) no need to end trade. Why not building while trade-panel is active? (Trade-Panel have to update automatically)

  • Roland Clobus

    Roland Clobus - 2011-01-31

    Hello fredric10,

    1) The panel is correctly called 'Nachrichten', because it shows the messages from the server. The 'Chat aktivieren' means that the computer player will chat (otherwise it will be silent).
    2) I don't know what you tried. Are you behind a firewall/router? Did you set up port-forwarding correctly?

    1) It already reports that it registers the game at a metaserver
    2) Good point. Please create a feature request, so that the request will be visible instead of one a multi-request mail.
    3) I'm not sure what you mean
    4) Good point. Please create a feature request.
    5) I'm not sure what you mean
    5b) I'm not sure what you mean
    6) Good point. Please create a feature request
    7) You can minimise its size
    8) Certainly you'll need to end your turn. Otherwise how would you undo your placement?
    9) Some variants require all trade before building. Furthermore closing the trade panel informs the other players that they no longer need to think about making offers. They could not know that if the panel was kept open.

    I'm asking for you to create the feature requests by yourself, because that means that you will be kept informed when the feature will be implemented.

    With kind regards,
    Roland Clobus
    Developer for Pioneers


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