Fixed Tiles?

  • Bram

    Bram - 2013-02-19


    First off, I have to say this is a great project!

    I wanted to ask whether there is a way to fix a tile so it isn't affected by the 'random-terrain' option. In seafarers a lot of maps have gold or specific resources with high value chits. Whenever I tick the 'random-terrain' option for instance the gold tile will move to a random spot.
    This defeats the purpose of the random-terrain function on any map that has any sort of special area.

    I know how the ".game" files work so if it's not (yet) a function of the pioneers-editor, that's OK.

  • Roland Clobus

    Roland Clobus - 2013-02-20

    Hello brabox,

    In the editor you can right-click on a tile and unselect 'Shuffle' in the context menu. This will prevent the tile from being moved when the 'random-terrain' option is used.
    The following games use this feature: Talon Canyon, Heart, SmallEurope, CentralEurope, The Pond, Seafarers with gold, South Africa and Star.

    If you have created a nice board layout, don't hesitate to send it in.

    With kind regards,
    Roland Clobus

  • Bram

    Bram - 2013-02-21

    Hi Roland,

    Thanks for your reply. My editor might be outdated since I can't right click but I openend some of the maps you said with a text editor and found out it's the '+' sign that prevents tiles from moving, thanks very much.

    I have the catan seafearers and recreated some of the maps in the booklet. I also scanned the tile images from the game (the tiny theme looks a little different from the tiles I was used to) but I don't think you'd put them in the game because of copyright issues…


  • Roland Clobus

    Roland Clobus - 2013-02-22

    Hello Bram,

    If your have version 0.12.5 of the editor, that version has a known bug that the right-click does not work. I would suggest that you downgrade to 0.12.4 only for the editor, or (better yet) upgrade to 14.1. Version 14.1 allows you to enter comments about the game.

    If you have another version than 0.12.5 please report the version and the platform (operating system, version, etc).

    Unfortunately I cannot include scans from the tiles in your box of the Settlers of Catan. They are indeed copyrighted.

    With kind regards,
    Roland Clobus


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