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  • Richard Losey

    Richard Losey - 2008-11-19

    Hi... I downloaded 0.12 for windows and also retrieved Pioneers for Ubuntu (Hardy), and attempted to play.  Sadly, the Hardy version is 0.11, and I don't think I can run the server on Windows XP (it said the client only).  So, the Windows client won't connect to the Ubuntu version server.

    So, I downloaded the source and tried to build -- but the ./configure command in the README blew up because it claims that I don't have package glib-2.0  or package gtk+

    When I try to apt-get either of the packages, I get an error that they don't exist.

    I think my Ubuntu (Hardy) has a package call glib-sharp-2.0, which may or may not be the same. When I tried to use the glib-sharp-2.0 (and also cheated on the gtk+ by telling it to use gtk-sharp), the make failed in a big way (compile errors).

    So, I'm stuck.

    We did find an older Windows client, but it pumps out about 30 errors before we can get started, so I'd really like to get onto version 0.12

    Thanks for any help -- from what I saw, it looks good!

    • Roland Clobus

      Roland Clobus - 2008-12-03

      Hello Richard,

      In README.subversion is information about building Pioneers from the Subversion repository. In README is information about building the Debian package from source, I assume it will work similarly for Ubuntu.

      The package names for Debian (and probably for Ubuntu) are:
      libgnome2-dev, libgtk2.0-dev, gnome-common
      (And all their dependencies)

      For Debian I use 'debuild -us -uc', and that tool will tell me all the missing packages.
      Look at for the package that contains debuild

      Good luck,
      Roland Clobus

    • Richard Losey

      Richard Losey - 2008-12-04

      Thank you for the list of packages... correctly built and installed (it's so much easier with the right packages).

      I didn't need debuild -- but I'll keep this in mind for next time.

      Many thank!


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