Scott Bailey - 2007-01-07

Hey all:

I really like Mayfair's Settlers of Catan and have been playing Gnocatan/Pioneers for a number of years...

There are two house rules I often play with:

Robber only steals resources when a soldier card is played.  So the roll of a seven only moves the robber.  This is fairly easy to implement, and I'm about 30% done.

Welfare dollars.  With this option, on any non-seven dice roll where a player does not have a hex for that number gets a welfare dollar.  Example: My hexes are 11,9,8,6,4,3 and 5 is rolled, I get a welfare dollar.  In the previous example, if 6 is rolled, but the robber covers my 6, I do NOT get the dollar since I had the hex--even though it didn't produce for me.  During maritime trade, I can trade welfare dollars equal to my victory points for a single resource.

I like these rules enough that I have begun to implement them in the latest svn.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm good, but my time is limited....


Scott Bailey