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  • iN8sWoRld

    iN8sWoRld - 2007-12-30

    Now that I have a working version (11.3) of pioneers on my Mac, naturally I want to play games against other folks.  As it turns out, I also have an ubuntu box (running gutsy) which has pioneers 10.2 installed for the kids to use.  It appears I can't play against this version (I got a version mismatch error when trying to connect from the ubuntu box to a server Mac).  I see that 11.3 will be available in the next release of ubuntu (due April, 08), and I can't compile the 11.3 version easily because of required updates GLIBC.  My question is how have other folks dealt with this issue, and might it be possible/desireable/waste of time to incorporate a 'backwards compatible mode' in future versions?  If I run the server on the older version should I be able to connect with a newer client?  (I wasn't able to but I'm thinking that may have been iptables blocking me since I have firestarter installed) - gotta check that.

    • iN8sWoRld

      iN8sWoRld - 2007-12-30

      OK, to clarify, I got the mixed versions error when I tried to connect from Mac 11.3 to an ubuntu 10.2 server.  I also had forgotten I had left firestarter (an iptables frontend) running on the 10.2 ubuntu box, and it was blocking outgoing to my Mac.  I ran the server on the Mac 11.3 and am able to connect with the ubuntu 10.2 client just fine.

      • Roland Clobus

        Roland Clobus - 2007-12-31

        A 0.11 server is able to serve games to 0.10 and 0.11 clients, a 0.10 server can only serve 0.10 clients.

        If you have the right development packages installed on your Ubuntu computer, you could build 0.11 from source (see the README files, you'll need at least gtk+ and glib). Pioneers does not depend on specific versions of glibc, so you should be able to build 0.11.3 with the development packages that belong to your current version of Ubuntu.

        Roland Clobus


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