#81 Several suggestions


I have a few suggestions which may make ABC more user-
1) While the minimisation into the system tray is
handy, why not also have an option to minimise to the
taskbar but have the DL speed, UL speed and %
completion ratios on it, kind of like Windows Media
Player's setup if you know what I mean.
2) I noticed that when you go into the advanced
details and scroll down to the bottom to see the
totals, it moves around a lot because of beginning
and closing connections. Can you make that stable
when down the bottom? So then it's easier to monitor
when there is more connections than can be displayed
on the page without scrolling.
3) Can you put in a completion bar graph? Kind of
like Azureus's and G3's, it makes it a bit better.
4) This is the most important in my view. Can you
enable ABC to save partially received pieces even if
the torrent is paused, stopped, or if ABC crashes or
something (because it does a lot to me when i use
3.1). That way it does not remove 2-3% of the
torrents completion every time it begins again, which
is so annoying especially when you have pieces about
2mb each and stuff.
5) In the advanced details, can you add a column
showing what client each peer/seed is using?
6) Can you add a completion bar graph for each of the
files in the 'file info' tab?
7) This is just an idea and I don't know if it can
work or not but can you add a feature where you can
choose who to upload to or not? Because I notice
there are a lot of people with high speed connections
getting 100kb/s +, while others get less than 5kb/s
(mostly 0kb/s), and maybe those who haven't received
say, 10 pieces, in the last 30 minutes for example
can be highlighted in the advanced details section.
Then those generous seeds who upload upon completion
can maintain fairness to the swarm and thus it may
take longer to get more seeds but a lot of seeds will
sprout at the same time! And therefore any peers
still downloading will get a very fast torrent. Well
its an idea anyway.


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