"Linux" version works on Mac OS X

  • Karina

    Karina - 2004-12-02

    Hi, I just thought I'd pass on that the Linux version works fine under Mac OS X 10.3.6.

    To run on OS X 10.3.x (Panther), you'll need to download and install wxPython for Mac OS X from www.wxpython.org (wxPython2.5-osx-ansi- was what I used). Download and unpack the ABC for Linux tarball, open abc.py in a text editor and add "import sys" as the first line. Then open a terminal, cd to the directory where ABC was expanded and:

    pythonw abc.py

    It should then launch and be ready to use.

    I have downloaded a few files now, no issues so far.

    Maybe the "Linux" version should be renamed to "Unix" version.

    Note: I believe users of pre 10.3.x versions of Mac OS X may also need to download and install Python, it's in 10.3 by default


    • rumblpak

      rumblpak - 2005-06-22

      also works in 10.4 tiger, but if you want advanced prefs to work you need to add the line to abcoptiondig.py also.


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