Timothy Tucker - 2005-11-20

(Posted in the other forums as well -- specific to this forum, could I get some feedback on how this is working under Linux? -- I already know about the issue that some have reported with icons/menus disappearing, but haven't been able to reproduce that yet myself (Ubuntu 5.10 w/ latest wxPython)  Other than that, are there any other current issues?)

I want to get 3.1.1 out before Thanksgiving.

Changes since the last build include attempts to make sorting case insensitive (may not sort items properly if there are unicode characters that throw an exception when trying to convert to uppercase), plus a little bit of code cleanup here and there (mostly just removing old test code that was commented out).

Also made this build with the unicode version of wxPython -- from the testing that I was able to do with VMWare (I now have Linux, Win95, and Win98 images), it looks like ABC will still load properly with the unicode version of wxPython under Win9x as long as unicows.dll is installed.

See here if you're running Win9x and need to install unicows:

As a further note, it looks like Win95 needs the Winsock2 update in order to work (apparently true for 3.1 also):

As far as feedback goes, I'm especially interested in hearing about anything that works in 3.1 but doesn't in this build. As long as I'm confident this build is at least better than 3.1 (which I'm already pretty sure it is, otherwise I wouldn't be starting the release candidate cycle), I'll put out the official 3.1.1 release before Thanksgiving.