ABC310_OKC_test20051111 is out

  • kratoak5

    kratoak5 - 2005-11-11

    ABC_OKC 3.1.0 test (ABC310_OKC_test20051111)

    New features :

    - Added the UPnP options that are available in BitTornado. See in Preferences/Network.
      Till now UPnP was on by default which means that ABC was always trying to find an UPnP router to talk to before connecting.
      UPnP can be disabled, set to "Type 1" or to "Type 2".
      From the BitTornado site : "Type 1" accesses routers that are already connected via Windows UPnP service. "Type 2" performs a network discovery for such devices using Windows libraries. "Type 1" is much faster.
      If you have manually setup your router for port forwarding or don't have one, you'd better keep UPnP disabled.

    - You can move a block of selected torrent in the list by selecting it, hitting Ctrl + B, selecting the row for insertion and then hitting Ctrl + V.
      Ctrl + B will also copy all the columns of the block of selected torrents to the Windows clipboard.

    - A new trick to make easier the erasing of messages in the torrent list :
      You can erase a message by left clicking the message cell of the desired row.
      Moreover if you keep the left mouse button pressed and drag the mouse on the contiguous rows of the first message while staying in the message column, all the messages of these rows will be cleared when you release the button. It's very much like rubbing out the messages with the mouse !
      This feature can be toggled on/off in Preferences/Interface.
      When this feature is on, you cannot select a row by clicking in the message column.

    - You can select several contiguous torrents in the list by right clicking the first one, keep the right button pressed and drag the mouse over the torrents you want to select, and then release the right button.

    Bugs fixed :

    - None

    Minor improvements :

    - When a seeding torrent is resumed, the time stamped message "Completed" is no longer displayed.

    - When an action is performed on the "move to top" button while the shift key is hold down, this button now exactly behaves as if the "move torrent below completed" had been pressed instead (Until this release, shift + right clicking on this bottom did not scroll to show torrents below completed).
      So if you want to save some space you can use this key combination and hide the "move torrent below completed" button.

    - Some cosmetics for the torrent details window.

    - When you right click on the message header to delete all the messages, the messages "Finished" and "Completed" are now not erased.

    This one has most of the features I really wanted to put in ABC.
    So it's a serious candidate to become a 3.1 final before moving to other things (maybe a unicode version). If you find bugs please report them !

    Have fun !!

    • nont

      nont - 2005-11-11

      Thanks !!
      I've been waiting for unicode feature for so long.


      • ikkoku

        ikkoku - 2005-11-17

        yeah unicode support will be sweet

    • Marvin

      Marvin - 2005-11-14

      kratoak5, I am having an issue with the timeouts on this version.  I have the timeouts set to the maximum 240 minutes, ect.  But the torrent keeps going into on-hold.  I turned off the timeout feature and it's working fine.  So it seems their maybe a minor bug in the timeout perhaps decimal point in wrong spot, or minutes actually being seconds.  Not sure exactly what but with timeouts unchecked the torrent is working perfectly.

      • kratoak5

        kratoak5 - 2005-11-17

        Are you sure the on-hold switching was caused by the timeout ? when the torrent switched to on-hold, was the priority decreased each time ?

        There may be an explanation for such a behaviour if the torrent was timing out because of a connection problem with the tracker. Can you remember if there was some error message about connection with the tracker ?
        A torrent that timed out because of a connection problem with the tracker, and then restarted with the timeouts disabled, may receive some incoming re-connections from other peers, even if the tracker is down.

    • dvbguy

      dvbguy - 2005-11-16

      There seems to be a bug with big torrents.. The current mame torrent .102 aborts partially through the check. This is also a problem with release 304..  As I just updaed from a 300 test, I'll go back and see if any of those work (they always have)...

      • kratoak5

        kratoak5 - 2005-11-16

        Is this the one weighting 28.75 GB (or about) ?

        • kratoak5

          kratoak5 - 2005-11-16

          In fact the problem is inside BitTornado.
          I just tested this torrent with BitTornado and when you reach about 25 peers, the CPU load is climbing more and more to finally often reach 99%.
          Of course this behaviour is the same inside ABC and the abnormal CPU load is also disturbing the upload rate regulation.
          I hope next BitTornado will have this fixed.

    • itsme2003

      itsme2003 - 2005-11-16

      I just started using ABC_OKC two weeks ago, so I don't know if these problems are long-standing or not, although looking in the forums it looks like at least some are.  Before that I was using the release version of ABC.  I had so many problems with the 3.1 release that I switched over to ABC_OKC.

      Although none of the problems that I'm having with ABC_OKC are show-stoppers, I saw it posted that this might become a release version.  I wanted to take the time to let you know about some problems that I am having.

      I'm running the 11/11 version.  Here are the problems I'm having.

      1) Sometimes I get an error about no torrents in list creating a new empty list.  This does not affect the torrents I actually have in the list.

      2)  ABC_OKC will end at random times without an error message.

      3)  There is some sort of memory leak.  When ABC_OKC is active the total memory used by the system continues to increase as ABC is in use.  The size of ABC in the task list remains reasonable, but something is using memory.  I have 512 MB on this computer (This computer is dedicated for BitTorrent).  ABC will push my swapfile size up above 1 GB.  When I end ABC the system memory usage returns to normal.

      4)  Often when ending ABC it will just lock up and I have to end task.

      5)  About half the time that I exit ABC normally when I look at the task list ABC is still resident.

      6)  This may or may not be a bug.  When I use ABC (I usually have lots of torrents active at any time) the computer is very non-responsive (taking 5 - 30 seconds to display a web page, for example) even though the utilization is low.  This may be related to the memory leak causing most other stuff to be paged out.

      7) I've noticed a few other problems, but I can't remember what they were right now.  As I think of them I will post them.

      I also have a question about a feature.  Is there any way to sort the torrents by a particular column (like in the main fork of ABC).  I'd like to be able to sort torrents by name, or by size, or by download rate, etc. 

      • kratoak5

        kratoak5 - 2005-11-16

        > 1) Sometimes I get an error about no torrents in list creating a new empty list. This does not affect the torrents I actually have in the list.

        You probably have reached the max simultaneously opened files number for your OS.
        This may be the case when you have several torrents with GB files that are splitted into numerous rar parts for example. Very quickly you can have hundred of files opened with a few torrents.
        When you reach that state ABC_OKC will have problems like not being able to open its config file or torrent list to save data.
        Watch out for your torrents with very numerous files.

        >ABC_OKC will end at random times without an error message

        This may be linked with the previous problems. I have never met any crash in ABC_OKC for months.

        >There is some sort of memory leak.

        As an example : 26 torrents for a memory usage of 380 Mb (some are on-hold or inactive, but all are loaded in memory and running).
        I have never met a memory usage increasing forever.
        Maybe you would have less problems with 1 GB of memory.

        > Often when ending ABC it will just lock up and I have to end task

        This may be also linked with the reaching of the max opened files number preventing ABC_OKC from accessing files at closing time.
        I never meet any problem when ending ABC_OKC. It may take up to 1.5 minute until it disappears from the task list because of time out in sockets in BitTornado.

        >About half the time that I exit ABC_OKC normally when I look at the task list ABC is still resident

        See previous answer. ABC never sticks to the task list. But it may take up to 1.5 minute to completely end all its processes. Check you have not several ABC running at the same time (ABC_OKC or ABC).

        >the computer is very non-responsive

        Response though Internet should be garantied providing you correctly tweak ABC_OKC.
        If you choose the "dynamic maximum overall upload rate" in Preferences/Limit and set the value "System max upload rate" to the max upload bandwidth you want to grant ABC_OKC on your system, ABC_OKC will dynamically adjust its max upload rate for uploading files (right number shown in the status bar most right cell), taking into account the up bandwidth waisted for download stream TCP protocol and for connections.
        If you have a max up bandwidth of 100 kB/s, keep 20 kB/s for your web browsing and other out access apart from ABC_OKC, and set ABC_OKC "System max upload rate" to 80 kB/s.

        > Sorting the torrents

        The only column that has some meaning (to me) to be sorted is the priority column (You may sort torrents by priority by clicking on the header of this column).
        This is because the order in the list is the main criterion to prioritize the starting of torrents.
        Sorting by name would only answer the very special case when you want to prioritize torrents according to their names and it would mean the list should have another column (row number) to reorder back the torrents according to the previous row ordering.
        On the contrary you may sort torrents found in the "Find torrents in list" window by names to find a particular torrent and locate it in the list.

        • kratoak5

          kratoak5 - 2005-11-16

          I forgot :
          For the max simultaneously openened file number problem, you may try to tweak the "Max files open" parameter in the advanced settings of the Preferences dialog, but this is only a tweaking on a per torrent basis.

    • Marvin

      Marvin - 2005-11-18

      Kratoak5, It did have a timeout error with tracker for a few minutes before it connected.  Than it started the download and stopped within a minute of the file starting to download.  I would restart it and it would stop again.  It had less problems after I turned off timeout maybe that was just coincidence not sure but I had less issues it seemed after I turned the timeout off.

      • kratoak5

        kratoak5 - 2005-11-18

        If the priority of the torrent was not decreased when switching to on-hold, the torrent may have been turned to this status by the URM or the activity switching if the max of inactive was reached.
        I could not find anything in the timeout code that could cause a problem.
        Nevertheless I noticed the code for the tracker timeout was an old one dating back to the original ABC, and a torrent that had to timeout because of tracker connection problems could outrun the limit set for this timeout by some minutes. I rewrote this ; it's more accurate now, but this has nothing to do with what you reported.

    • Marvin

      Marvin - 2005-11-19

      Kratoak5, I have noticed that the ABC Webservice setting won't save.  I tell it to autostart but it keeps starting with it off.  The settings in the conf file are saving as.


      • kratoak5

        kratoak5 - 2005-11-19

        You're right about the web service no more auto-starting.
        The 3 lines of code to do this must have been erased by some greedy cut/paste in the source.
        They will be back in next release.
        For info in abc.conf "webservbtn" is used to display or not the web service button. The variable to set autostart is "webautostart" in webservice.conf.


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