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  • jazzor

    jazzor - 2007-06-08

    Would anyone be kind enough to offer a link or a share to this particular client which so unfortunately had to have its distribution stopped. Preferably the latest (and probably last) version.

    • roee88

      roee88 - 2007-06-08

      >>> The French law DADVSI, to please some private interests, has criminalized the
      spreading of P2P softwares in France
      Horrible news. Can anyone point me to an article about this (in english)?

      I only have the latest test release (3.6.0):
      Source code:
      Windows Installer:

      I built the windows installer myself becuase I only had the source, hope I had all the needed packages.

    • kratoak5

      kratoak5 - 2007-06-08

      You may read :

      The stab in the back for P2P software developers in France is in fact an amendment inside the law : the "Vivendi Universal amendments", because they were allegedly inspired by the entertainment giant.
      From the wikipedia text :
      Article 12 bis introduces criminal penalties (up to 3 years in prison and/or a fine of up to 300,000€) for people who knowingly make available software "manifestly" meant to transmit copyrighted works illegally, or who knowingly incite to the use of such software. A number of commentators doubt the constitutionality of this article, because of the uncertainty introduced by the word "manifestly" for defining an incrimination; they also contend that this article amounts to making authors of software criminally responsible for the actions of others (users) that they do not control.

      In fact this amendment is meant to enable sueing of anybody making available a file sharing software without integrated filters to prevent sharing of copyrighted works.

      Read carefully Readme_Closed4DADVSI.txt...

    • zevs

      zevs - 2007-10-01

      Test release 3.6.0 build 300=link download?

    • kratoak5

      kratoak5 - 2007-10-01

      No link here please. Read ReadmeCarefully_Closed4DADVSI.txt.

    • zevs

      zevs - 2007-11-06

      link or a share to this particular==ABC_OKC 3.6.1 (ABC361_OKC_final0303)

    • kratoak5

      kratoak5 - 2007-11-06

      Read ReadMeCarefully_Closed4DADVSI.txt.
      All you need to know is in there.

    • zevs

      zevs - 2007-12-15

      where do i get this version=new

    • zevs

      zevs - 2007-12-16

      ABC_OKC 3.6.3 (ABC363_OKC_final0305)where do i get this version????????????

    • kratoak5

      kratoak5 - 2007-12-16

      Again :
      Read ReadMeCarefully_Closed4DADVSI.txt.
      All you need to know is in there.

    • kratoak5

      kratoak5 - 2007-12-16

      I forgot :
      ReadMeCarefully_Closed4DADVSI.txt is at


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