LH-ABC 3.2.0 is out

  • roee88

    roee88 - 2007-06-05

    Hi all,
    LH-ABC 3.2.0 (A mod of the official ABC) was recently released,
    Actually it existed for a while, but got flagged as final just yesterday.

    The work on version 3.3.0 already started - it will include DHT support.

    Project Page: http://code.google.com/p/lh-abc/
    Windows Installer: http://lh-abc.googlecode.com/files/LH-ABC-win32-v3.2.0%2B%2B.exe
    Mac Universal Binary: http://lh-abc.googlecode.com/files/LH-ABC-Mac-v3.2.0%2B%2B.dmg
    Source code (use for linux): http://lh-abc.googlecode.com/files/LH-ABC_3.2.0_src.zip

    • turpletester

      turpletester - 2007-06-09

      So this youtube thing is spreading and clients like FoxTorrent, bitcomet,  seem to be the only one of there kind with streaming/bittorrent preview;  but not alot of bandwidth...(side note)is there a way to save flash 9 file while downloading, i have win 2000 and in temp folder there is a file in temp folder but it goes away when exits internet.  whats the deal with these plugins ie: divx web player and Veoh ; i get that they encode and transcode well but they are closed source...i sill am not going to try tribler it goes in same group as dht, now dht is linking up with edonkey which makes....lol once looked up animity or anomomous something, if dont connect how do u see(What!!!)....if there is a file that someone has and it is uploading it shall be avalible but that is still not the case but may be with plugins.

      Doensnt make much sense ; will u incorperate p2p torrent streaming?

      client looks bulky, read in lh foums that it incorperates bittornado .4 (still looking foward to it premere)

      centralized need only one website; desentrilized any wesite may have the answer, still just websites

      • roee88

        roee88 - 2007-06-09

        Ok, I don't understand all of your post, but will try to answer :-)

        You want to keep videos from youtube and others?
        you can use http://keepvid.com/.
        Why do you need BitTorrent for that? :o

        >>>will u incorperate p2p torrent streaming?
        No. BitTorrent is not intended for streaming.
        This isn't a work for one man anyway, sorry.

        >>>client looks bulky
        The next version should look nicer, but I'm sure version 3.2.0 is flexible enough so you could make it look much less bulky.

        >>>read in lh foums that it incorperates bittornado .4
        BitTornado 0.4.0 is buggy so I reverted back to a (modified) version of 0.3.18.

        >>>centralized need only one website; desentrilized any wesite may have the answer, still just websites
        Sorry, didn't get your point. Are you against DHT?
        There will be an option to disable it of course.

    • turpletester

      turpletester - 2007-06-09

      i didnt understand it either, lol; thanks for the quick response and as always thanks..will try

    • Reit Reitman

      Reit Reitman - 2008-09-26

      Someone I can send the source of LH-ABC for windows?

      Thank you.



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