#197 ABC 3.1 has problems with partial download


If you choose only few files from the torrent to
download sometimes ABC shows an error "IO Error: error
reading data from...". This error connects to the file
that was set "never download" priority and this happens
after torrent was stopped for the first time and
started again. After rehashing and starting the
torrent, ABC starts to download files even marked as
"never download", you can see these files in the folder
but not in the torrent details window.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    When two contiguous files (one having normal priority and
    one do not download) are sharing a common piece, the last or
    first piece of the mormal priority file fails to download or
    say it is not written to the file. ABC will show that the
    download is complete but on restart or re hash check this
    pieces will be missing and nothing can persuade abc to
    download that piece even after changing the priority of the
    neighbouring file do now download to normal.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I moved this partial download to azureus and same thing
    happened. may be this is fault in bit torrent protocol.


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