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New Major Pines Form Version

Pines Form has just been majorly updated, and the site completely redesigned! It now supports Twitter Bootstrap, which makes an awesome combination. Check it out:

Posted by Hunter Perrin 2012-02-10

New Pines Notify Features

A new version of Pines Notify has been released with lot of great new features. Some of the highlights include:

  • New notice type for informational messages.
  • A new button to let the user control whether a notice is sticky.
  • Automatic HTML escaping to prevent Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks.
  • Much better support for jQuery UI animations.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

Posted by Hunter Perrin 2012-01-03

First Stable Release!

After 3 years of development and testing, Pines 1.0, the first stable release, is out today! The community repository has a new address:

Posted by Hunter Perrin 2011-11-12

Move to HTML5

Pines recently made the switch from XHTML 1.0 to HTML5! All SciActive maintained code will still ensure XHTML 1.0 validity, so any new templates using XHTML will still validate.

Posted by Hunter Perrin 2011-06-15

Comprehensive Pines Book in the Works

One area where Pines excels is API documentation. However, there is no clear guide explaining how to begin developing for Pines. Well that is changing now! A new book, with in depth instructions on how to develop for Pines and information about how Pines works, is being written. This will be the comprehensive guide to the Pines framework.

Posted by Hunter Perrin 2011-03-12

Third Beta Release!

The third beta release of Pines, 0.94.0beta, is out now! Tons of bugfixes and a few new features make this the best release yet. Pines Plaza has also been updated with the latest packages. We're narrowing in on the first official stable release!

Posted by Hunter Perrin 2011-03-12

Second Beta Release!

The second Pines beta release is out, and the Pines Plaza repository has been updated with all the changes. There are many bugfixes and a couple new features in this release. We're very close to the first stable Pines release! Please continue testing and submitting bug reports. :)

Posted by Hunter Perrin 2010-12-10

First Beta Release!

Pines has officially entered its beta stage of development! The official Pines Repository (called Pines Plaza) has been launched at As of now, it's not very pleasing to the eye, but users can now submit their own components and templates. After review, they will be available to all Pines users. This is a major step toward the first official release of Pines, and we need your help to test and find bugs. Please submit any bugs you find using the tracker on our SourceForge page.

Posted by Hunter Perrin 2010-10-22

New Features in 0.85 Alpha

The new alpha release 0.85.0 sports quite a few new features. Among the new features are:

The new installation process is a big step toward the first stable release of Pines. The only big project left before the release is to finish the package manager.... read more

Posted by Hunter Perrin 2010-10-01