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Code moved to Git

The code has just been moved from Subversion to Git!

Updates to the code will follow during the next weeks...

Posted by cypax 2010-09-03

pin 'em up 0.5 released

I have just uploaded the brand new release of pin 'em up. The new version comes with many internal code improvements, but also some new features as for example WebDAV-Support.

Also, this version introduces support for different languages. I have added a german translation so far. Feel free to contact me if you want to help to translate pin 'em up into your language. Any help is appreciated :)

Enjoy the new release!

CHANGELOG:... read more

Posted by cypax 2009-05-11

pin 'em up 0.4 released

It's been quite a while since I released the last version of pin 'em up... so here is the next version.

Among other changes (see Changelog at the bottom) I have added one of the most requested features: different note colors!

I hope you enjoy the new release!


  • BUGFIX: font type was changed to SERIF on change of font-size

  • BUGFIX: notesfile now allows negative note-positions (fixes "notesfile not valid" error)... read more

Posted by cypax 2008-03-03

pin 'em up 0.3 released

Today, I proudly announce the release of the next, greatly improved version of pin 'em up!

The changelog (see bottom) is quite long this time, and there are many changes, bugfixes and improvements.

NOTE: As this version uses a completely new file-format (XML), your old notes cannot be opened with version 0.3. You should create a backup of your notes (e.g. export to textfile) before updating to the new version.... read more

Posted by cypax 2007-08-26

new shortname

The shortname of the project has been changed from
"pin-em-up" to "pinemup".

Thus, the project page is now available at


Posted by cypax 2007-06-12

pin 'em up 0.2 released

Version 0.2 has been released now and comes with a lot of new features and improvements. (See ReadMe / Changelog for details)


Posted by cypax 2007-03-13

pin 'em up 0.1 released

Today, the first release of pin 'em up is released. Feel free to download and test / use the application :)


Posted by cypax 2007-01-24