PIM Xtreme: New version, more fixes

PIM Xtreme is an organizer (or Personal Information Manager) Software with: financial module (accounts, reports, etc), contacts, schedule, tasks, encrypted notes and MORE! It is very CUSTOMIZABLE, FLEXIBLE and it exports to many formats (xml, iCal, etc.)

Again, a new version with more fixes. The goal now is to make PIM Xtreme more stable so.. here are the changes for this version:

* Add: calendar resizable
* Add: grid for Account Groups
* Fix: selecting an Account Type or Account Group makes another Type/Group to be assigned
* Fix: crash when inserting duplicate value on Code when adding new records on some grids (e.g.: Account Types)
* Fix: filtering two consecutive times on the same grid, on some grids (e.g.: movements, events, etc.)
* New validation: the entered value for an account, on a movement, must be 0 or positive
* More details on some database errors
* Movements grids sorted by date on descending order, by default (on later versions it will be customizable)
* Some translation fixes

Posted by NekhroLord 2007-11-08

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