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pilib 0.5 released

Changelog since 0.4a:
- Portability: Reached compatibility with FreeBSD
- System: Fixed "printf broken"-bug (occured if using Fortran IO on
systems with certain locale settings, e.g. german)
- GUI: Added implementation of combo boxes
- GUI: Added implementation of radio buttons
- GUI: gksetstring works now with labels (gktext)
- GUI: Added implementation of handle boxes (gkcontain, type 6)
- Graphic functions: added function for drawing arcs, grarc

Posted by Martin 2008-02-24

new source package of pilib 0.4

For some obscure reason the source package of pilib 0.4 was broken. A new, hopefully working version was released now.

Posted by Martin 2007-04-11

pilib v0.4 released

pilib v0.4 has been released. ChangeLog since v0.3:
- Portability: Added possibility to force a specific convention for
the routine names
- Build environment: Added test for makeinfo
- Build environment: Dynamic part of pilib can now be built without
presence of any Fortran 9x compiler
- Build environment: Added option "--enable-unixnames" to configure
for overriding naming convention e.g. on mingw
- Build environment: Minor bugfixes
- Documentation: Minor changes/corrections
- System: Added support for retrival of command line arguments
on linux
- System: piinit no longer requires presence of a graphical display
- System: All functions now do an auto-initialization if piinit had
not yet been called
- GUI: Added possibility to create menu separators with gkmenuitem

Posted by Martin 2007-03-30

pilib v0.4 about to be released

pilib v0.4 will be released soon. Please have a look at the current CVS version and report any bugs to pilibForum.

Posted by Martin 2007-02-23

wiki and forum

The pilib wiki has been moved to a new server for a better speed and stability, but you can still reach it at the old address.
Additionally to the wiki, a forum has been created. You are encouraged to ask your questions on this forum. It can be found at:

Posted by Martin 2007-01-07

pilib v0.3 released

pilib v0.3 is now available for download. Several improvements have been made to portability, and pilib is not compatible with 64 bit platforms.

Posted by Martin 2006-11-11

64bit compatibility

64bit compatibility should now be working. In fact, pilib should run now on any platform, on which c-types can be matched with fortran-kind-values. The next release with 64bit support will be coming soon. For trying out pilib on 64bit platforms now use the CVS version.

Feedback is welcome as always!

Posted by Martin 2006-10-13

pilibWiki created

I have now created a wiki for pilib. It is still quite empty, but feel free to fill it with useful information about pilib! It can be reached under (the projects homepage).

Posted by Martin 2006-07-07

Linking against pilib with Microsoft's linker now possible!

It is now possible to link against pilib with the Microsoft linker, e.g. bundled with Compaq Visual Fortran, even if pilib was build using MinGW. You need to download the current CVS version and follow the instructions in INSTALL file.

Posted by Martin 2006-03-25

New version available for download

Now pilib-0.2 is available for download. The main changes occured in portability, pilib should now compile out-of-the-box on Win32 with MinGW/MSYS or CygWIN.
Note, that due to a bug of gfortran-4.0.x a compilation with that compiler will not succeed. Please use gfortran-4.1.0 instead.

Posted by Martin 2006-03-12

pilib now available via CVS

pilib source code will available via anonymous CVS within the next 5 hours. Checkout the CVS section of this page for a description of anonymous CVS access.
Please note that the CVS source code will be the current development code, therefore it meight not even compile at all.

Posted by Martin 2006-02-08

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