I've been a Gaim user for a couple years now, but I'm new to the open source developer community.

I'm not sure if spamming everyone is the "right" way to get started, but if possible, I'd like to help make a dent in that daunting buglist on sourceforge.  I'm sure the set of core Gaim developers has a better idea of which bugs are important to get 2.0 released so if anyone wants to try pushing some of those on to me, with possibly a little guidance, let me know...  I currently work for a software company developing with C++ and C# in a Windows environment, but I'm looking to gain experience with C and Linux. 

I know it is late in the 2.0 game - and possibly no one wants to deal with a newbie - so if I'm not in the right place - no need to reply (please don't rip me a new one!)

- nick