Yes, the hotkeys plugin certainly is what I was looking for.  It is also true what Richard said, in gaim 2.0 both the new im dialog and the view log dialog have autocomplete which also searched a buddy's alias.  Maybe an extended hotkey plugin is all I need after all :)

Thanks again,


On 9/19/05, Ant (itchysoft_ant) <itchysoft_ant@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> The problem is how to make a keyboard shortcut popup this window.  I
> currently "take over" the SIGUSER1 signal if you set the preference, and
> if gaim receives that signal, it will popup the window.  This way you
> can map a keyboard shortcut to your favorite window manager with a
> command like "killall -10 gaim" (if you use only one instance of gaim).
> Plus, you can be working with any application where the window manager
> can receive the keyboard shortcut.
> Does anybody know of a better way?  Besides, I have no idea how to
> approach this in Windows...

Hi Pablo

I don't know much about coding gaim, and I'm not certain this will be of
any help, but I can make a suggestion that might point you in a useful

Check out the Hot-Keys plugin.


This allows the user to configure key combos to toggle or display
certain gaim dialogues. Perhaps the source of this plugin could give you
a few hints on your issue?


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