I was trying out a small plugin I wrote, which was inspired in the quicksearch plugin I used several years ago with miranda im (www.miranda-im.org).  It pops up a window where you can search for a buddy, it will search in the screenname, buddy alias, contact alias and buddy server alias.  It is usefull to IM offline buddies not shown in the buddy list (with protocols which support offline msgs), or to see their log.

The problem is how to make a keyboard shortcut popup this window.  I currently "take over" the SIGUSER1 signal if you set the preference, and if gaim receives that signal, it will popup the window.  This way you can map a keyboard shortcut to your favorite window manager with a command like "killall -10 gaim" (if you use only one instance of gaim).  Plus, you can be working with any application where the window manager can receive the keyboard shortcut.

Does anybody know of a better way?  Besides, I have no idea how to approach this in Windows...