Question: Shouldn't video streaming be all about taking a stream from a video source
(v4l device in linux), compress it in jpeg or jpeg2k, and send it with an UDP connection?

I saw that video streaming was partially supported in vv, what protocol does msn or yahoo uses?
Are they simply UDP packets?

By the way, did you make any list or web page, with all the issues you found during the design of the
vv API?


On 3/16/07, Kevin M Stange <> wrote:
Salvatore Benedetto wrote:
> Anyway, the only thing I didn't like about gaim-vv , was that it had too
> much dependencies
> like a siplib jp2k etc... In my opinion, the less dipendecies the better.

We won't really end up with any fewer dependencies for the most part,
just fewer direct dependencies.  We'll still need to have a gstreamer
supporting the proper media formats in order to properly support the VV
capabilities for each protocol.  That is something we'll certainly need
to handle in the framework as well (ensuring that the codecs/formats
required are available, and possibly supporting several in fallback
succession as with buddy icons' image formats).


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