I think this is great! and just to keep the idea flowing how bout something like

Are you sure you want to remove buddy '[buddy name here]'?
- removing pounces (4 pounces stored),
- removing logs (12MB),
- block '[buddy name here]'

And I'd love to help code it, but until we have Gaim.NET (mono, please don't shoot me) or I get a little more familiar with non Visual studio coding, we are all safer with me keeping my little fingers out!

In Godly Love,
    Travis Harris
    New Covenant Software
    322 Old Mill Rd
    Newmanstown, PA 17073


On 1/30/06, driZZleuk@netscape.net <driZZleuk@netscape.net> wrote:
I reckon it would be cool if there was a single popup that said:

Are you sure you want to remove buddy?

with checkboxes (where applicable and unchecked by default) for:
- removing pounces,
- removing logs,
- blocking the buddy

Although I certainly don't want it enough to bother coding it.

"Mark Doliner" <mark@kingant.net> wrote:

>Not all pounces require you to have the person in your buddy list.  For
>example, "pounce when buddy starts typing."
>I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask the Gaim user if they want to remove the
>pounce... but it also wouldn't hurt to NOT ask.  I don't really care either
>way, but I'd bet that a lot of people think Gaim already has a lot of annoying
>popup windows.
>On Fri, 27 Jan 2006 12:27:51 -0500, rob wrote
>> I was considering writing a patch for this but then i realized that
>> when i code, people get thr strong urge to murder me..or stuff me in
>> a dumpster...so yeh That sounds like it'd work...give people the
>> option as to whether or not to remove the pounces...
>> Travis Harris wrote:
>> > How about when you remove a buddy that has pounces set, you get "This
>> > buddy also has (X) buddy pounces set, would you like to remove them?"
>> >
>> > On 1/27/06, *rob* <robby.oconnor@gmail.com
>> > <mailto:robby.oconnor@gmail.com >> wrote:
>> >
>> >     you could always readd the pounce as well...
>> >
>> >
>> >     driZZleuk@netscape.net <mailto: driZZleuk@netscape.net> wrote:
>> >     > I quite often remove people and add them back later. I would be
>> >     pain to set the pounce back up again. Dunno if the current
>> >     behaviour is intentional or not but it suits me fine...
>> >     >
>> >     > rob <robby.oconnor@gmail.com <mailto: robby.oconnor@gmail.com>>
>> >     wrote:
>> >     >
>> >     >
>> >     >> Hey,
>> >     >>
>> >     >> shouldn't it work that if i removed a buddy from my list, that
>> >     buddy's
>> >     >> buddy pounce should be removed along with that buddy? Why does
>> >     it not
>> >     >> work like that? I observed that last night...
>> >     >>
>> >     >> r0bby.

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