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On 5/31/05, Sean Egan < seanegan@gmail.com> wrote:

I wrote last week that I'd be stepping up my efforts to ensure that
the various questionable Gaim derivatives were compliant with the GPL
and that I'd keep this list updated. I have since contacted all three
projects mentioned and am confident that all three will be entirely
resolved soon. I have also discovered a fourth such project in my
dealings. I just found about them a short while ago and have begun to
figure out who they are. They seem somehow related to imgiant, so I
suspect they as well will attempt to comply with the GPL if asked.

Anyway, you may have noticed the subject of this e-mail is
MessengerCity. I have looked at MessengerCity and determined it is not
in violation of Gaim's license. I'm sure some of you are less familiar
about the GPL than others, so I'll give a brief lesson in what it says
about selling software.

The GPL allows anyone to sell a copy of any GPL-licensed program,
including derivitives of GPL-licensed works (which are, of course, by
requirement, GPL-licensed). This right is not restricted to the
original author; anyone may sell it for any price, as long as it is
licensed under the GPL. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/selling.html
for more information.

As such, MessengerCity is able to sell its version of Gaim as long as
it releases it under the GPL. I requested they offer me a free
membership so I could make sure everything is on the up-and-up, and
they agreed.

After paying, a user sees a webpage I've screenshotted at
http://gaim.sf.net/sean/messengercity.png . The left-hand sidebar
contains a "Source" link. Clicking on this brings you to
htttp://gaim.sf.net/sean/messengercity2.png . The text should look
familiar; we really probably should think about licensing the webpage
content in another thread. The top of this contains a link to the
source code which is offered as a .zip file.

I've made a diff between it and Gaim 1.2.0 and you'll see it's
essentially just a s/Gaim/MessengerCity/ job. I am satisfied they are
in compliance with the GPL. I have brought up some minor points, and
they respect my requests. I've requested the source  link be made more
conspicuous. I also requested they restore the COPYING file to vanilla
GPL. They changed a bit of the wording, though not in any way that
changes the terms or conditions (they changed the phrase "FREE OF
CHARGE" to "UNDER THE GPL" in the "NO WARRENTIES" section). The
MessengerCity people have been very cooperative. I'm convinced ripping
off Gaim is not their intention and that they are doing everything
possible to properly comply with the GPL.

If anyone would like a copy of their binaries or actual source tree
(the diff isn't exact; I had to make it with --strip-trailing-cr),
feel free to contact me.


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