Hi, I am working on a MSN gateway which is implemented in libmsn3.2 Basically the gateway allows users of our software to chat with their MSN buddies via two user interface provided by our software. The problem is the MSN gateway which is coded by some guy who has already left the company is very buggy. The gateway suddenly stops working and then starts functioning as usual. I been scratching my head whole week try to probe into the code but no clues so far. I also contacted the guy who coded it. Even he faced the same problem and never found where the bug is :(. He said the libmsn library has some bugs and its not stable. So i am thinking of redesigning the gateway using libgaim. I tried to google some documents regarding libgaim like architecture of libgaim, or API's or some relavent information that can help me decide if i can go further and how much effort will it take to redesign but its been 2 days i havent found any good resource except this forum which is too good and too huge seems like all libgaim developers are here. So if any of the developers can let me know if i am going on right path. Can i use libgaim instead of libmsn? If somebody has some information, documents created for self reference and can share with me it would be a great help for me to kick start my redesigning. Hope to get some help from good developers out here in this forum. Thanks in advance, Rehan.

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