Hi, i'm trying to develop a Perl plugin to retrieve the list of my buddies that are online and i was trying something like:

    my $protocol = "YMSG";
    my $account_name = "my_account";
    $account = Gaim::Accounts::find($account_name, $protocol);
    @buddy_array = Gaim::Find::buddies($account, undef);
    if (@buddy_array)
        Gaim::Debug::info("testplugin", "Buddies in list (" . @buddy_array . "): \n");
        foreach $bud (@buddy_array)
            Gaim::Debug::info("testplugin", Gaim::BuddyList::Buddy::get_name($bud) . "\n");
            print LIST $bud;

... provided that "my_account" is a valid and logged in yahoo account and LIST is a valid handle to a file opened for
writing ... i always obtain an empty list (@buddy_array is empty).

Note that i almost copied the example found on gammu's wiki...

What i'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance