I'm sending this to the gaim-devel, instead of gaim-bugs, because I do not have an attached patch (yet).

Let's assume the user created a custom emoticon with the alias "/lol". Gaim will correctly interpret it, download and display the custom emote. However, if *I*, the receiving party, decide to type the same "/lol", Gaim will perform the smiley substitution. Clearly, this is not the intended behavior, and can get very annoying if the user decides to add a custom animated emote with some commonly used words.

Another thing: there are many users I know that like Gaim precisely *because* of the lack of custom emoticons. As such, a configuration option to toggle the displaying of those emoticons would be useful. This could go in the "user options" for the MSN account.

Those problems do not seem hard to fix, even though they can be annoying to some users. But I'd like to know if there's someone working on this already before I start to work on it.