On 9/23/06, Sean Egan <seanegan@gmail.com> wrote:
jdev is jdev@conference.jabber.org, a chat room. I'm convinced that we
should strongly consider removing protocol icons from the buddy list
and leave them just in the tooltip. Because chats don't have status,
they get a special "this is a chat room" icon.

I am not in favour of completely removing the protocol icons from the buddy list. I think that many/most people do want to see the protocol icons. I have been requested to use different colors for buddies in different protocols in gntgaim. I don't think I am going to do that anytime soon, but I do plan on accepting a patch if one comes along that allows this. Also, for chats, I have 'gaim' for SILC, and 'gaim' for jabber, and it would look 'odd' to me if both looked exactly the same. Having the protocol icons show up in the tooltip won't be of much help to me because I am not used to using the mouse to open a chat/conversation window.

... my half cent. :-)

-- Adil