Hello GAIM developers!
Sean Egan suggested that I try reaching out to you for a project that I had in mind. 
I would like to create a version of GAIM with an embedded search capability, so that while people are chatting they could also search websites (for example about a certain topic that they other chatter refers to).  This is a feature that I liked in Yahoo chat, and one that I missed in GAIM. 
While I am not a programmer myslef, my understading is this this is most likely require a modification to the interface but very little actual programming, as it would only require passing the search query onto the search engine and returning the results to a browser page.
Two questions for you:
1.  I am assuming that adding new features like this should be relatively easy ... is this correct?
2.  I am also assuming that modifying the interface to support additional features such as this is relatively easy as well ... is this correct?
If so, would anyone be interested in taking on such a project?
Thank you!
C. Hong