On 8/17/06, Sean Egan <seanegan@gmail.com> wrote:
> based on things that I get asked about *all* the time, and the fact
that some distros are actually turning our plugins on by default, what
do you think of depluginizing and preferencizing some things?

I do think the current situation sucks. But I'm not sure that it's better to depluginize them rather than just load them by default. Of course that brings up preference issues.

I don't think we should merge into the core or ui things which it makes code sense to be plugins, unless there's no other way to get a good UI out of it. And I don't think there's no other way.

Why don't we just add a flag in the plugin options as to whether this plugin should be enabled by default? Once you have a preference for enabling/disabling it (I guess we'll need to add a way to explicitly disable a plugin in the prefs file), then that applies, but the first them gaim encounters the plugin, it uses that flag. We can then decide which of our plugins are on by default the same way we decide which prefs are on by default

One might argue "but then all the 3rd party plugins will set this flag to true!", but that actually seems reasonable to me, why are you installing a 3rd party plugin you don't intend to immediately enable, even if it's only for a moment and then you disable it because it sucks.

> Notably:
> System Tray Icon
> Wingaim Options

> Maybe Buddy State Notification?

Those would be ones I'd set the enabled flag on.