Hello! I have a request that you may like. I am young, 14 to be exact, but I have well responsibility and I am well educated at some computer things. I was wondering if you have any work that can be done, like volunteer work?? I will be glad to type emails for you, it's very easy for me. I can type 90 WPM, and I could type all day.Please contact me at all_im_fed_is_caffeine_chick@yahoo.com and if any of your represenatives are online they can contact me through IM. My AOL screen name is jessicadarling21. I am not asking you for this to be a pain, and Im not asking for any money, this is far from a scam. I have adored your program and i think this is a way i can help keep it running.Please contact me ASAP if there is any volunteer work needing to be done.
Yours Sincerely,
jessica darling

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