Pidgin freezes on exit

  • Silver Fang

    Silver Fang - 2008-12-23

    Windows Vista Home Premium x86 SP1, Pidgin 2.5.3

    When I right click Pidgin in the system tray and click Quit, instead of exiting, the program freezes. I must right click it in the taskbar and click close. This brings up the Stopped Working dialog box, which gives me the option to wait, find a solution or force it to quit.

    Below is the problem report:


    Stopped responding and was closed

    12/23/2008 3:08 PM

    Not Reported

    A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name:    AppHangB1
    Application Name:    pidgin.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp:    494e6dcd
    Hang Signature:    bc95
    Hang Type:    0
    OS Version:    6.0.6001.
    Locale ID:    1033
    Additional Hang Signature 1:    4f4e80a1f6c4356fb3466806281e438f
    Additional Hang Signature 2:    d0dc
    Additional Hang Signature 3:    fd3a7437f07557c45f87f89814414d3e
    Additional Hang Signature 4:    bc95
    Additional Hang Signature 5:    4f4e80a1f6c4356fb3466806281e438f
    Additional Hang Signature 6:    d0dc
    Additional Hang Signature 7:    fd3a7437f07557c45f87f89814414d3e

    • DeathfireD

      DeathfireD - 2008-12-24

      I get the same issue on Win XP. When I press Buddies>Quit Pidgin freezes and stays like that. The only way to shut it down now is to use ctrl+del and kill the process :(.

    • Fdisk

      Fdisk - 2008-12-25

      Same problem with two diferent machines (P3 & P4).

      My previous versions was working  without problems, I don´t know why upgraded...

      Where can I download the previous ver.?

    • Fdisk

      Fdisk - 2008-12-25

      chriswyatt ==> Thanks!

      Downgrading right now.

      deathfired ==> Same issue, all the problems that I see are WinXP related... always at quit or closing the program.

    • HoundEyeX

      HoundEyeX - 2008-12-25

      I can confirm this happening on Vista Home Premium x86 as well.

      • Eduardo Perez Ureta

        Could you try these cases and report if the problem happens?
        - Remove all IM accounts and run and exit.
        - Leave just one IM account disabled and run and exit.
        - Enable one IM account and run and exit.

        • Fdisk

          Fdisk - 2008-12-26

          Come on... what kind of procedures are those?

          If I install a program, I don´t need to mess around with the settings, I´ve never did that with Pidgin even with Gaim (the predecessor of Pidgin).

          Developers need to fix this Asap.


          • Eduardo Perez Ureta

            OK, I see you do not understand. These were procedures to help developers know where the bug may be. I am not using MSWindows so I can not test it and on my Debian GNU/Linux x86-64 it works flawlessly. If you could try those steps maybe the bug could be fixed ASAP.

    • Fdisk

      Fdisk - 2008-12-26


      Espero que puedas leer esto (no sé si sabes castellano).

      Mira, el 99% de los "quejosos" como le digo yo, se refieren a problemas ocurridos en Windows...nadie hace mención al Linux, el procedimiento que mencionas no me parece el mas indicado en mi opinión... Si yo instalo un programa es de suponer que funcione, no tengo porque estar haciendo malabares para ver si funciona, si se arregla o funciona.

      Yo he usado este programa desde que se llamaba Gaim y nunca he tenido este problema, a lo mas un uso exagerado de recursos, pero nunca que se me cuelgue a la hora de cerrar el programa.

      Espero que los responsables del programa puedan arreglar por el bien de los usuarios este "problema", dejaría una mala impresión que alguien que quiera cambiar o probar este programa le dé este tipo de problemas y/o impresión, te aseguro que algún novato le sucede este problema NO regresa o prueba mas el Pidgin (seguirá con su Messenger o programa de código cerrado) cosa que a nadie de los usuarios que prueban este programa desean (apoyamos el código abierto).

      Espero que no lo tomes a mal (a veces lo que uno escribe no parece o no refleja la intención que deseamos darle al texto) este comentario es en buena onda, OK.?

      Si no entiendes o no sabes castellano haré lo posible en ponerlo en inglés (a pesar que no es mi idioma nativo, es necesario saberlo).



      For the ones that don't understand spanish sorry for that...

      My opinion o point of view about this problem with other user.


      • Eduardo Perez Ureta

        Como te he dicho en inglés yo no uso MSWindows. Pero si haces lo que te he dicho puedo ayudar a arreglar el problema ya que podré saber donde puede estar el problema. Lo que te he dicho no es para ver si tu puedes arreglarte el problema localmente. Es para que nos ayudes, si tanto interés tienes, a arreglar el problema. Si no quieres colaborar no esperes que un usuario de Linux arregle un problema que solo ocurre en MSWindows.

    • joe935

      joe935 - 2008-12-30

      Here is the results of the test you requested on a XP PC
      Could you try these cases and report if the problem happens?
      - Remove all IM accounts and run and exit.
      Exits with no hang

      - Leave just one IM account disabled and run and exit.
      disabled AOL and enabled ICQ, Yahoo Hangs
      disabled Yahoo and enabled ICQ, AOL Hangs
      Disabled icq and enabled yahoo, AOL Hangs

      - Enable one IM account and run and exit
      just ICQ no hang
      Just MSN no hang
      Just AOL hangs
      Just Yahoo hangs

      Hope this helps

    • MiKai

      MiKai - 2008-12-30

      This has been tested on multiple systems at my location. Regardless of which IM service is enabled/disabled, it always hangs upon close, 100% of the time.
      This is happening/tested on: XP Home SP2 and SP3, XP Pro SP3, Vista Ultimate SP1 x86, Vista Ultimate x64 with and without and SP1 (32 bit pidgin client).

      This issue has been happening with versions 2.5.2 and 2.5.3 (which uses an updated GTK+, 2.12.12 rev. a), but never happened at any time with version 2.5.1 of pidgin (which uses GTK+ 2.12.8 rev. a). Since uninstalling and going back to 2.5.1, this problem has been resolved.

      Also, keeping GTK+ 2.12.12 rev. a with 2.5.1, the problem does not continue so it is not related to GTK+ but pidgin itself. - for v2.5.1

    • Neo An

      Neo An - 2009-01-05

      When I use pidgin2.5.3, meet the hang up issue also. But revision2.5.2 runs good on my system windowsXP. Usually I use MSN and QQ, so I extract both dll file and copy to work folder in 2.5.2, seems work well.
      Hope the desiner can improve the issue with new version.

    • pichoscosama

      pichoscosama - 2009-01-05

      Mine too. Using Pidgin as portable.


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