WinGaim 1.0.0 problems

  • matt

    matt - 2004-09-23

    Every time I start gaim, a few seconds AFTER I log on and the buddy list loads, I get an empty login window that looks like this:

    Also, every once in a while, usually after Gaim has ben running for a long time, I get a message "Unspecified fatal error, aborting" and gaim shuts down. I think it usually happens while trying to get someone's user info but I'm not positive.

    I didn't have any of these problems with gaim 0.81 which I'm upgrading from. Any idea what's wrong? Has anyone else seen these problems? Should I file a bug report on these? I'm running Windows XP SP1, 1gb of ram.... not sure what other info is needed.

    • Daniel Atallah

      Daniel Atallah - 2004-09-23

      the "Unspecified fatal error, aborting" error has occurred since the GTK 2.4.x upgrade in 0.80.  It is a pango bug, you can work around it by using the "ignore incoming font faces" preference.


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