Anyone compiled 1.0.0 on SuSE-9.1?

  • Steven Lembark

    Steven Lembark - 2004-09-20

    SuSE puts all of gnome under /opt/gnome; leaves the cofigure unable to locate /opt/gnome/lib/ and friends. Doc's didn't help (no mention of any gnome-specific compilation requirements). Any docs (or settings) appreciated.

    • Tim Ringenbach

      Tim Ringenbach - 2004-09-20

      Do you have the gtk-dev packages installed?
      Gaim uses pkg-config to find gtk. What does "pkg-config --modversion gtk+-2.0" say? If it can't find anything, you'll need to fix your PKG_CONFIG_PATH enviromental variable to contain the correct paths.

    • Olivier Mueller

      Olivier Mueller - 2004-09-22

      Steven, try rpmbuild, it worked fine for me:
      rpmbuild --rebuild /usr/local/src/gaim-1.0.0-0.src.rpm --nodeps
      (the --nodeps is there because of the missing mozilla-nss libs, but it still work fine then).


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