Ben Gebbit - 2008-06-24

When Pidgin connects to an Openfire server, it has this exchange from the log a few seconds after the connection:

(16:44:04) jabber: Recv (ssl)(117): <iq type="get" id="921-78" to="test@" from="manager."><query xmlns="jabber:iq:version"/></iq>
(16:44:04) jabber: Sending (ssl): <iq type='result' to='manager.' id='921-78'><query xmlns='jabber:iq:version'><name>Pidgin</name><version>2.4.2 (libpurple 2.4.2)</version></query></iq>

I need Pidgin to masquerade as another IM client.  i.e., I need <name>Pidgin</name> to be <name>Somethingelse</name> in the above exchange.  Probably not an easy thing to do, but I thought I'd throw it out here.  Is there any known way to customize this?  (I'm thinking through a config file, or plug-in.)