MSN smileys question

  • sddnd

    sddnd - 2004-09-18

    Hi , folks :
    I use Gaim for MSN conversation.

    I add some smileys I made to the smiley theme,
    I can see and pick that up in the "Smile !" selection in a conversation window.
    but when I send that smileys to my friends , they can't see the actual pics they should appear, only the textual mapping definition that I define.
    and vice versa , if they send me a smiley that we have different textual definitions, gaim can't display the smiley , even we both have the pic file.

    so, is there anything in the FAQ or doc I should know but I miss ? or the current version Gaim/MSN plugin still have no support on this feature ?

    I use the newest 1.0.0 Gaim , but I wait for this feature for a long time .

    Thanks for your help !

    • Felipe Contreras

      What you did was to define a smiley theme for your Gaim installation, that means it's only availabe for you.

      You can even change the normal :) smiley so it displays the image you want.

      So what they see is not what you'll see and vicebersa.

      What you want is what is called custom emmoticons, which are transfered from user to user. That is something Gaim lacks support for.

    • sddnd

      sddnd - 2004-09-19

      yup !  That's what I mean , transfer from user to user !

      so , is there any possibility that this feature will be added in the future version ?

      Thx , Felipe !

      • Felipe Contreras

        Yes, it's possilbe.

        In fact the msn protocol plugin has this feature alredy implemented; the problem is that the core of Gaim is not.

        Maybe you'll want to fill a feature request.


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