ashod apakian - 2008-07-26

Hi Everyone, is about to release a plugin for Pidgin, that will give it the same
universal video solution that was adopted by Adium, Miranda, googleTalk and
several others.

This plugin will allow you to make a one to one video call or a multi video
call with up to  16 people directly from the pidgin interface.

Worth noting, because we bridge the compatibility issue, using actionscript,
you can make a video call to anyone on your contact list. Only the inviter
needs the plugin.

Make and mix 16 person video conferences with your friends, and pull everyone
in from different IM clients.

Please email me at ashod @ apakian d.o.t com with subject pidgin pre-release
for a copy.
or add me to skype, username  (ashod.apakian)



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