64bit native client

  • MiKai

    MiKai - 2009-02-18

    Are there any plans or currently available unstable releases of a native 64bit client available for Windows (I use Vista x64)? I wish I had any programming experience to help out but I do not so figured I would ask.

    32 bit 2.5.4 is stable and works well, I just figure with more applications going natively 64bit, this may be a good direction for the current project.

    • Jeremiah

      Jeremiah - 2009-03-01

      What advantage would this give?

      • Hielke Hoeve

        Hielke Hoeve - 2009-06-20

        The advantage of no longer needing the wow interface of windows to perform any tasks to run 32bit programs on a 64bit OS. A counter argument would be that the user does not notice anything of this is true but silly, the same as alot of linux users turn to virtual box or wine to run windows to use a windows application. There is an overhead and it's unnecessary.

    • rosebowl23

      rosebowl23 - 2009-04-18

      I love seeing apps go 64bit even if it brings little advantage. However, if it takes too much effort I rather see the devs spend this time adding necessary features like webcam or voice chat or photoshare support.


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