resize text box

  • joshua

    joshua - 2008-03-01

    i can't resize the text box you type in in pidgin in the new build. any body got any ideas?

    • fish ><>

      fish ><> - 2008-03-01

      this is on purpose. it automatically adjusts based on the amount of text. it is not a defect.

    • Silver Fang

      Silver Fang - 2008-03-01

      No offense intended, but I'm not too fond of this new "feature".

      • fish ><>

        fish ><> - 2008-03-01

        I'm not a developer, and didn't mean to sound rude. its just been posted all over since it came out.

    • Lolo101

      Lolo101 - 2008-03-03

      If this behavior is on purpose, the usecase when the user hasn't typed any text yet has not been considered, since in this case it's very difficult to aim the mouse pointer in the 1-pixel height of the text box...

      • Ka-Hing Cheung

        Ka-Hing Cheung - 2008-03-03

        that part is a bug, and it doesn't happen for most of us, which is why it slipped through

    • Lolo101

      Lolo101 - 2008-03-05

      Oh ok, thank you for this information ! Now i hope to see it fixed in a next release ;) I feel better !


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