Which SIPE version is used in pidgin-2.10.1

  • Matrix06

    Matrix06 - 2012-02-03

    Can anyone help me to determine which sipe version is used in pidgin 2.10.1 .In log I have found that it was sipe-1.8.0

    User-Agent: Purple/2.10.1 Sipe/1.8.0 (win-i386; )

    But when I saw the source of sipe 1.8.0 its many constraint and nt_response len variate .I cand find in this version how it create mic.Please help to determine this.

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  • Daniel Atallah

    Daniel Atallah - 2012-02-03

    The SIPE plugin is a third party plugin that is not distributed with Pidgin, so the version that you're using will be which ever version was manually installed.  Any questions about the plugin should be directed to the plugin maintainers.


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