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  • bugmenot

    bugmenot - 2004-09-22

    I am trying to move away from Trillian to Gaim on Windows. One thing I really liked about Trillian was its quiet nature.

    I am on a laptop constantly moving around meaning I lose my network connection quite often, and then reconnect. Trillian would just log me on to the various IM networks without any annoying pop-up msgs, etc.

    I'd like the same behaviour from Gaim. I have already got the reconnect plugin but it still pops up the trying reconnect msg, as well as popping up the buddy list window (sorry if I am using the wrong terminology, hopefully it makes sense to someone).

    Is there a hidden settings to achieve that?

    • bugmenot

      bugmenot - 2004-09-23

      Responding to myself :-(

      I have twice crashed gaim in two days, while moving from office to work (means disconnecting from the wireless at work, going on stand by, and reconnecting with the home network).

      What can I do to collect any info that may be useful to someone in debugging?  I saw the debug window under Help so I am running that right now.

      I am running Windows XP with gaim v1.0.0 and the following plugins:
      - auto-reconnect
      - buddy state notification
      - system tray icon
      - wingaim options
      - extended prefs
      - meanwhile


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