Keyboard LED plugin

  • Discoboy

    Discoboy - 2004-12-22

    I'd love a plugin that makes those silly keyboard leds flash when a new gaim message is received. This way, users like me who leave their pc always on could easily see if someone dropped them a message without turning on the monitor!
    Energy saving!


    • daryl314

      daryl314 - 2004-12-24

      what operating system would you want it for?  i'm close to having such a plugin working for linux, although it's a bit of a hack job right now.

    • Merlin

      Merlin - 2004-12-26

      I would be REALLY interested in that plugin as well.
      I used to have something like that in Miranda in Windows I think.

      But I am using Linux now and running Gaim here.

      It would be really cool to have that again.


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