• Zdenek

    Zdenek - 2008-10-14


    anybody who can help me with guification plugin (
    I tried it many times, but when I enable this plugin then pidgin is for some time after enabling frozen, or very slow and is taking 100% cpu. After few minutes it comes to be fine. Is this normal behavior? What I am looking for is somebody who is using this plugin on windows and can told me that it is working fine, without issue. Also skin which is in the plugin (pidgin) is not good on windows XP. Do somebody have some nice, simple skins? I dont want to have a link to page with skins but some suggestions, tested informations. I tried google for more informations on this plugin and pidgin, but there is not enought informations. So I am trying this forum and maybe will be here somebody who is using this plugin and can provide me with feelings and some tested skins.

    Thank you,

    • luminous lemon

      luminous lemon - 2008-10-15

      i gave up using guifications a long time ago because it uses 100% cpu and is therefore unusable. everytime it pops up you wait ages before you can do anything. maybe its ok on linux, but windows nope.


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