What MSN file transfer protocol does Gaim use

  • bugmenot

    bugmenot - 2005-04-20

    Hi there,
         I'm not much of a coder (have done some limited Java/C/C++ work), but am interested in faster MSN file transfers using Gaim.  I understand that there may be 4+ different protocols in use by MSN Messenger, but that only one has been implemented into Gaim.
         I would like to begin to research/reverse engineer the various protocols, and am curious about which one Gaim currently supports (e.g. MSNFTP, MSNP2P, etc...).
         I was going to download and go through the source code to find the answer, but I decided it would be more efficient to simply ask the developers directly.
         Thank you in advance, and I hope that at the very least I can contribute some knowledge and ideas to the Gaim project, if not source code.


    • Beat Wolf

      Beat Wolf - 2005-04-25

      you will get more information in the irc chanel i think, the people there are very helpfull

    • bugmenot

      bugmenot - 2005-04-26

      Oh, alright then.  I was hoping to get a response here so that anyone interested would be able to benefit from the information, but I will try IRC.  Which server/channel?

    • Ant

      Ant - 2005-04-26

      well I guess irc.freenode.net, #gaim ?


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