Stephen Tellis - 2004-09-26

I want to put some HTML in an away message, but the HTML that I want to use is not the average bold/underline/italics that you find on the Gaim text format bar. I'm running Windows XP Home SP2. This is what I tried:

1. Closed Gaim

2. Opened %APPDATA%\.gaim and editting status.xml with UltraEdit-32. UltraEdit did not ask me to convert the document to/from any particular OS format so I assume it did not change the format of the document.

3. Saved status.xml and leaving UltraEdit-32 open so that I would know if Gaim modified the file. (UltraEdit notifies you if a program edits a file that you are using).

4. Ran Gaim. This is when I first noticed this error:

5. Clicked Away >> Custom, got nothing (just that tiny little gray box that means you messed something up)

6. Restored my backup of status.xml and everything was fine, even though all I changed in the first place was two characters

Can anyone help?