Why I left Pidgin for Digsby

  • RoyaLOL

    RoyaLOL - 2008-09-19

    A while back, a "feature" was released for Pidgin that auto-resized the text input box to a small size when it wasn't in use. I found this extremely annoying and inhibited usability because it was hard to click on to type into.

    I much preferred having an input box that stayed the same size whether typing in it or not... like every single other messaging client out there does. There are no options to configure this in the client. I have little patience for inhibitive "features" like this and it doesn't make sense why it was released in the first place.

    • carbonize

      carbonize - 2008-10-03

      So you left Pidgin because of one small feature you don't like and instead went to a client that has serious resource usage problems ? And just how is this feature inhibitive? What is it 'inhibiting' you from doing? Please enlighten me.

    • DeathfireD

      DeathfireD - 2008-10-04

      The developers of Pidgin often change or add things that make absolutely no sense at all for. For example removing the old Protocol icons and replacing them with status dots that serve no real purpose at all other then to tell you people are online that you already know are online lol. This is why I went back to Gaim.

      PS. the protocol add-on isn't a valid replacement for me.

    • dagmar_orcy

      dagmar_orcy - 2008-10-05

      Well in 2.5.1 you have the possibility to set the size of the input line. As for the status dots... also other IM have them like digsby and trillian. 
      The thing is people have problems with changes, to be honest it did bother me too in the beginning but i got used to it. And now i see,  it doesnt even matter to which protocol i write as long as the person is online.

    • carbonize

      carbonize - 2008-10-05

      Errr Buddies -> Show -> Protocol icons

    • Keith Brown

      Keith Brown - 2008-10-05

      I agree with you, as how the auto resize was in 2.4.0 and 2.4.1 was pretty unusable for me, I have issues with my arm, and it was pretty hard to click on the single line for when I went to paste or something.

      However, you don't need to click the text box if you just want to type, any where in the window will do.

      Also, it IS configurable. As of 2.4.2 I believe, the setting for the size is in Preferences>Conversations. Minimum input size is what you're looking for.


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