I'm running latest pidgin with this plugin https://sourceforge.net/projects/pidgin-lastfm/files/Pidgin%20Last.fm%20Plugin/
Changed settings and it's running except every time a song is fetched it changes status to -- which mentions I’m not playing anything.
Debug log says:
(19:17:26) lastfm: Song is "Eric Prydz - Niton (The Reason)"
(19:17:26) lastfm: Scrobbled 1 minute ago.
(19:17:26) lastfm: This was at Fri Jan 28 19:16:20 2011.
(19:17:26) lastfm: Looking for song joker "%s".
(19:17:26) lastfm: Old message was "Is playing: %s".
(19:17:26) prefs: /plugins/core/lastfm/song_joker changed, scheduling save.
(19:17:26) lastfm: Changing to "Is playing: --".

Anyone running same setup (under windows) or can provide a alternative for a working plugin?

I also tried yulastfm but that gave a proxy error, which i'm not running.