Sametime broken?

  • Don Morrison

    Don Morrison - 2006-10-17

    I've been happily using Sametime along with Yahoo, MSN, Jabber and AOL. This weekend Sametime stopped connecting with my Sametime account at work. I get a "Not authorized" message. User ID and password are all fine as are the other settings. I know the work system is OK because I can log on using a couple of other dedicated ST clients. And I know Gaim is OK because all my other accounts continue to work. Anyone had a similar experience? Or any suggestions?

    • Luke Schierer

      Luke Schierer - 2006-10-17

      if you are at IBM, siege tells me you need to click the preference to hide your client.

      • Hansson

        Hansson - 2006-10-18

        I have had the same problems. I also work at IBM.
        Can you elaborate a little isciere?

        I think the protocol has been updated with poor back compatibility with the release of sametime 7.5 !?!?

        • Luke Schierer

          Luke Schierer - 2006-10-18

          I really don't know any more than that. Just passing on what I'm told.  Apparently IBM made some change to their server.

          • Jerry Rogich

            Jerry Rogich - 2007-12-17

            Now they are sending system admin messages if you are on pre v3 sametime
            client which Pidgin seems to be set to.  

        • Ivan Mundstock Daudt

          I've been a happy Gaim user for quite some time now. Internally I use it for sametime and for all other IM protocols when on the road. But I was forced to move to a dedicated sametime client after a recent server upgrade in the company...

          Our corporate server was just upgraded to v7.5.1 and Pidgin/Gaim can't "see" all connected users anymore. I get a partial list of online users.

          I'm sure it has to do with changes on its protocol. Using a dedicated sametime client it works perfectly well.

          Anybody have an idea what I can do to fix it?

          Tks for any help.
          Ivan Daudt

          • Etan Reisner

            Etan Reisner - 2008-02-08

            Make sure you are using the most recent version of pidgin (2.3.1 as I write this) and the most recent version of the meanwhile libraries (I don't know what version that is), then if it still happens file a ticket on this (likely with the meanwhile project and not with pidgin, but either one will likely get you pointer to the right place) (make sure you search for an already existing bug first), also, if you want to attempt to get network captures of what the new server is sending and what the official client is doing that might prove useful for the sametime/meanwhile developers (I don't know if they know the new stuff or not).

            • Ivan Mundstock Daudt

              You're probably right.

              Just checked and the version I'm running is 2.3.0. Will upgrade it.
              Took me sometime to understand what was the "meanwhile" lib you said, but after activating my debug screen I figured out the probl might be there ;)

              This one example of what I get at the "info" level:
              (14:35:00) blist: Updating buddy status for xxxx (Sametime)
              (14:35:00) meanwhile: file common.c: line 382 (mwString_get): assertion `check_buffer(b, (gsize) len)' failed

              That might hv something to do with the changes made at the protocol level and affects exactly   what I reported.

              Let's see if the upgrade fixes it. If it doesn't, I'm going to file a ticket.

              Rgds, Ivan

            • Ivan Mundstock Daudt

              Just for the records, there's a correction for this problem already registered in support tracker. The problematic dll must be replaced by another which is available for download there. It's just a matter of replacing the broken one by the new one and the probl gets resolved.

              Tks for the hints.

    • Don Morrison

      Don Morrison - 2006-10-17

      You know what, you're right. Oddly I've been using Gaim every day for years and never had to do that before. Anyway, thanks for the hint. Much appreciated ...

    • jrh

      jrh - 2008-01-06

      On windows look in C:\Documents and Settings\&lt;username>\Application  Data\.purple for accounts.xml and make these changes to the <settings> element:

         <setting name='client_major' type='int'>30</setting>
         <setting name='client_minor' type='int'>6511</setting>
         <setting name='client_id_val' type='int'>4098</setting>


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