ICQ - Window popping up with just an emoticon

Wont Tell
  • Wont Tell

    Wont Tell - 2011-10-23

    Hello - I used the search but it is useless with the 1300+ results it presents me in this case, because i have no specifics to explain.
    Pidgin 2.10.0, running on Win7, just opened a new, rather tiny window with a rather huge emoticon ":)"  in it and a close-button - nothing else, no way to tell where it came from. The window itself had only a close-x-button, no minimize. Neither of the two (yes, two) contacts I had online at that time seems to have sent it by some sort of feature (unless accidentally without noticing it themselves) and I only used ICQ, no other protocol, at this time.

    I'm wondering what this was - and if it would happen more frequently, I guess i'd file a suggestion to change this behaviour because it is somewhat useless.

    Thanks in advance for possible future demystification =)

  • Jochem Jean van de Groep

    Just got this same window and immediately searched google. So here I am. Add one for disabling this behaviour.

  • s7r

    s7r - 2011-10-24

    I am receiving this also, it only happens on ICQ…
    it also says something like 'icq# denied your request to add in your list' but I never add those icq numbers…


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