XMPP/Sametime Need Direct Connecton using TLS

  • Albert Wolfkiel

    Albert Wolfkiel - 2008-10-24

    The Sametime server I use requires 'Direct connection using TLS'. At least that is what the Sametime 7.5.1, Preferences, Server Communities, shows in the working native client. I think this is the problem. I don't know for sure. The error I get is: Connection Reset

    Does anyone know how to set up Pidgin's XMPP client to get this to work? If not, how do I put in a feature request?


    • Ka-Hing Cheung

      Ka-Hing Cheung - 2008-10-24

      You can't use XMPP account type to connect to sametime servers

    • Etan Reisner

      Etan Reisner - 2008-10-24

      XMPP and Sametime are different protocols, you do not set up an XMPP account in pidgin to connect to a Sametime server, you set up a Sametime account in pidgin to do that.

      Offhand, I do not know whether pidgin supports TLS connections for Sametime or not, but if you haven't been trying a Sametime account in pidgin you should and see if that works.

      As to filing a bug report you do that at http://developer.pidgin.im/.


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