Web Proxy For Gaim

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian - 2004-11-27

    I hacked together a web proxy for gaim that exposes a web interface to buddies, conversations. etc. ( Mainly so I could use gaim from my Web enabled Smart Phone )  It's implemented as a perl plugin, is there any interest for it?
        If so what's the normal process for submiting something like this?

    • Eduardo Perez Ureta

      That still requires a running GTK+ GUI, doesn't it?

      It would be great if gaim could be completely core/ui separated and be able to plug other GUIs like your web interface without the need to run the GTK+ interface. (Or even be able to run multiple GTK+ UIs on different machines connecting to the same gaim core server)

      (Gaim developers) What's the current status of Gaim towards to implementing other GUIs.

      You can submit your plugin to the plugins tracker.

      • Tim Ringenbach

        Tim Ringenbach - 2004-11-30

        Gaim is moving toward core/ui seperation. The core will be libgaim, and the ui will be gaim. Gaim will link directly to libgaim (as either a static or shared library). However, someone will be able to write a "ui" that just listens for a seperate ui program to connect, if they want, in licq style.

        Note that adium X, et al, are already using an experimental version of libgaim (created by just ripping out the parts that aren't seperated yet).

        • Eduardo Perez Ureta

          > Gaim is moving toward core/ui separation.
          Could you post some URL or text describing the TODO of that core/ui separation?

          • Luke Schierer

            Luke Schierer - 2004-11-30

            there is no official todo. if you search the forum, i've talked about it a number of times, its also discussed some in the rfe tracker, and at least once in the last 6 months in some detail on the mailing list (gaim-devel). 

            to be done still, privacy has to be split, away (current work in HEAD) needs to be finished, the core needs moved to a directory of its own (inside src), and appropriate make targets set up.

      • Sebastian

        Sebastian - 2004-11-30

        Yes, it currently uses the GTK+ interface.  However I find it usefull, as when I come back to my pc I can join in the conversations from there. ( IE: the web and GTK interfaces display the same thing )  I'll add it to the plugin tracker for now.

        When the UI/core split happens I'll rewrite it to use that instead.


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